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Healthcare companies are under constant scrutiny to ensure their data is secure and HIPAA-compliant.  Furthermore, healthcare is extremely specialized with a variety of processes, equipment, and procedures depending on the field you serve.

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Healthcare companies have been  forced to choose between legacy systems for their specialized field or bloated EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems. This leaves the medical field under served with viable software options, but not anymore. Docframe’s HIPAA compliant database, medical based templates, and capability for customization give medical companies a new way to run their business. From simple client portals to sophisticated EMR and equipment management tools- It all can be built with Docframe. All without having to write a single line of code, without overspending on bloated vertical SaaS product, or choosing an antiquated software system.


The biotech industry is an extremely innovative and exciting industry. Some of the biggest challenges biotech startups face are building out internal tools for data collection and prototyping new innovations.

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Many Biotech companies have to make the difficult choice of building out a tool from scratch for their internal operations or having to choose a SaaS product that doesn’t fit their needs. With Docframe, Biotech companies can quickly build secure and HIPAA compliant applications for their internal operations, all without having to write a single line of code. Docframe’s capabilities allows companies to improve and enhance the application to a level of sophistication that fits their needs. This drastically reduces the barrier to entry in prototyping new products and reduces the time it takes to launch a new product.


The banking industry is undergoing a radical shift, one driven by new competition from changing business models, compliance expectations, and disruptive technologies. The industry faces the challenge of having to work with antiquated applications that are vulnerable to security breaches.

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This has made the digital transformation of the finance industry imperative for survival. By leveraging Docframe’s templates and work flows, finance companies can now update antiquated internal system without need having to code their own custom software or having to choose a SaaS solution that doesn’t fit their needs. Docframe’s easy to use spreadsheet interface allows users to get started quickly. While leveraging multi table,row, and column level permissions ensures that only the correct users have access to the proper information.

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