The Best Pricing on the Block

Block pricing scales as you go. Buy more blocks based on your needs.




$1K /year/block

Each block includes:


5 Users

20 GB



Each block includes:


5 Users

20 GB


Custom Templates

Get started with templates built for your use case.


Transactional Data Validation

Ensure that all information added to your database is accurate and maintain data integrity.


Role-Based Access Controls

Define who has access to what information on the table, row, and column level.


HIPAA Compliance Available

Build HIPAA-compliant applications for the healthcare industry and other related fields.


How does Docframe’s pricing work?

Docframe packages users, revision history, docs, and storage into “blocks” each block includes 10 Users, 10,000 Docs, 64 GB, and 1 Year revision history. If your needs exceed the limit of one block you can easily upgrade the number of blocks to your plan. This provides a balanced way of pricing our customers based on the usage that they are getting out of the system.

What happens when I hit my usage limit?

If you reach our block limits, you’ll still be able to utilize Docframe. We’ll let you know about the overage, and give you a grace period to find a plan that fits your needs!

What is revision history?

Docframe provides the ability to look back in time with record level revision history and snapshots. You can view previous history of all the changes that have been made in a record and restore them to a previous state. We provide 1 year of revision history per 1 block purchase. For a longer revision history simply upgrade your plan to increase the number of blocks. If you upgrade your block limits you will see the history that was previously limited by your old plan.

What are docs?

A Doc is a record in a database or a row in a spreadsheet. That contains all the data points that are within each column.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express credit cards, PayPal for plans under 5 blocks. For annual plans over 5 blocks and/or HIPPA compliance, we can invoice you. Invoices can be paid by credit card, check, wire, or ACH.

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